About Karla

Karla Bravo
Karla remembers the feeling of having her first film camera in her hands right before she embarked on a journey that would change her life in Argentina. She quickly grew a third arm that would constantly hold on to a small mechanism that captures life, turning it into permanent still moments, to art. A simple way of life: a girl and her camera. That instant when she holds her breath and clicks the shutter button is magical to her. She soon graduated to a modern digital SLR when her fiancé gave it to her as a wedding gift- smart man! After tying the knot and falling deeper into love with LOVE, she knew she was meant to create timeless magic for people. It’s been a happy marriage ever since 2007 and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Karla has captured weddings while living in California and Hawaii. Her love for people led her to begin the island of Kauai’s first and only boudoir studio, where her focus on empowering women grew strong. Karla makes sure she captures the expected, but most importantly, the unexpected moments that happen around us. Today she lives with her husband and little girl in the beautiful hills of Morgan Hill, California where she grew up and loved playing outdoors. Karla speaks Spanish, is an adventurous traveler, professional photographer and artist, trained doula, and lover of succulents.