Finn MacCool Arrives: Coolest Newborn Session

This kid is bound to be a legend. Mom and dad, you have done good…very good. When Aurora asked me to come over and photograph Finn in their apartment, I prepared as I always do with my van full of faux backdrops and props. I began the session with some ideas I had in my head, but as I sat there on their couch while Finn nursed in-between shots, I quickly began to be inspired by this couples taste for art. I had recently seen a great shot of Picasso surrounded by his art in his studio in Barcelona, eclectic and raw. It instantly came to mind. “Do you guys mind if I bring down your wall art and arrange it on the couch with Finn?” Sure!

“Oh…what a cool cabinet! Can I open to see inside?…Can I put Finn in one of the pockets very carefully?” Sure!

Oh my!! I cannot tell you my thrill at their trusting responses! I had a blast, I was so inspired and these are the results. Thank you Aurora and Chad for being the coolest parents to Mr.MacCool and allowing me to curate your home and baby!



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