Halloween Fantasy Portraits

‘Tis the Season for our fantasies to go wild and I am such a huge fan of Halloween! Are you finding yourself already dreaming of what you or your family may be wearing? Are you plotting a family-themed costume or getting geared up with some ghostly ideas?

Because it’s such a special time for little ones and, let’s face it, they only get to be little for so long and love dressing up as their favorite characters. I have launched this special for the first time following my own work at home with my little ones. I create and go as far as I can to make fun storytelling scenes in portraiture to make a truly unique creative portrait.

Want to work with me in creating such a scene for you or your little one? This slideshow will give you a taste of children portrait series as well as adult-themed portraiture at the end of the slides.

Base price begins at $189. Please inquire to sign up and get the juicy details.

Let the festivities begin!

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