January magic: Family Portraiture

I opened my email to read her name in the sender box. I simply could not believe my eyes. I had not seen this name since 2002, after we both lost someone very near and dear to us. We never became close friends, but after the incident of our loss, perhaps a spiritual connection remained; one where losing someone we both knew so well made us more alike.

Years passed and it’s 2016. Her words in the email touched my heart so much and I could not hold back the tears as I saw how life can truly come back full circle if your heart is open to it. She found me through an online search for a family photographer in the Bay Area. “Was it a coincidence?” she asked herself. But there was my picture right next to the name. She reached out and the rest is here, before your eyes.

As we reconnected, we felt closer and closer to one another. And upon seeing her physically, it’s almost as if time hadn’t passed and I was meeting someone from my soul family. Time magically stood still. Her warmth and kind smile enveloped me. We caught up about our families and lives. And I truly am thankful for life’s magic. And for January, the coldest month that brought a spark of warmth back into my life.

Please meet January and her beautiful family.


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