Jennifer and Mario Wedding: Mexican Heritage Plaza

I have had the immense pleasure of knowing both Jennifer and Mario since high school, yet I never imagined I would photograph their wedding someday. I’m so happy that I was there to witness their love culminate before the eyes of so many loved ones and even more to be able to capture it for them.

Jennifer and Mario’s wedding was wonderful from their minister,  my favorite wedding ceremony up-to-date, as it was speckled with laughter and so much light, joy, and love. The Mexican Heritage Plaza was beautiful, providing plenty of opportunities to capture the wedding details in the garden, with murals and art, or in their well-lit event hall surrounded by greenery.

I also enjoyed their spirit and incorporation of Aztec dancers that gave a blessing and tribute to their heritage. But above all, their love and happiness was so easy to capture as they radiated it among themselves and all those present.

Thank you, guys! Many blessings and years ahead of happiness!



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