The Proposal!

San Francisco never ceases to attract the best of magical moments that one can experience in life. This occasion presented nothing short of that.

I was contacted about a month ago by my cousin who nervously and very excitedly asked me to capture the proposal he was planning for the woman of his life! They were to fly in from Mexico City, a place I have grown up visiting and enjoying making memories with my family. It is a rare, but wonderful occasion when they come my way, so I wanted this to be something truly unforgettable for them. We planned the iconic site for the proposal right in front of the Golden Gate Bridge on Baker Beach. Forewarned him of the nude dudes (ha) since it’s a nudist beach and agreed I’d bring along a bottle of champagne.

The rest, and at my cue, was up to him…and down on one knee he went. It was so incredibly beautiful to watch the whole thing happen right before me. Her face, her complete surprise was sublime. The look they had towards each other is exactly  what marriages are made of. I can only wish the two a long, happy life together. They started off on the right foot with so much romance and love, can’t wait to see what the years ahead bring. Congratulations, loves! Welcome to our family!



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